Cab Guards

T.L. Wood's TLW315 Semi Cab Guard

TLW 315

Plain Headache Rack

84" Wide x 63" High

This rack is lightweight and very strong. A window may be placed in rack for more visibility.

T.L. Wood's TLW350 Semi Cab Guard Spacesaver

TLW 350

Space Saver

84" Width x 63" High

This rack is designed for better trailer turning radius with shorter wheel base trucks.

T.L. Wood's TLW630 Semi Headache Rack with DROM

TLW 630

4' Plain Headache Rack with DROM

84" Width X 63" High

This rack is available with many Drom Lengths. It may also include chain hangers and tray. Note: Drom is measured from face of rack to fifth wheel.

T.L. Wood's TLW330 Semi Chainhanger

TLW 330

Chain Hanger and Tray

Must be added to the model number of a plain rack. A window is also an option in our tire chain carriers.

T.L. Wood's TLW375 Semi Cab Guard with Cabinet

TLW 375

Center Cabinet

84" Wide x 63" High

Compartment can include shelves and/or chain hangers.


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